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INSA Lyon - chamada para o ano letivo 2013-2014

O recrutamento de estudantes e visitantes de intercambio para o ano acadêmico no INSA de Lyon está aberto.

Você vai encontrar o guia do candidato e todas as informações necessárias no site:

Contato no Brasil:
Consuelo RAUEN
Fone: (41) 9962-9092

At INSA Lyon, we look forward to welcoming your students to our university during the academic year (September-June) 2013-14.

INSA Lyon is a leading Engineering School and Research Centre driven by humanistic values since over 50 years. We are pleased to host 30% of international Students. Among them, we receive every year about 400 in-coming students from all over the world.

Application Process:

Information on how to apply can be found on the following link:

For the International Office to process the applications in due time, it is very important that our deadlines are met.

Deadline for the academic year 2013-14 (September-June) or the Fall Semester (September-January) is: April, 30th,2013.

Please send this application form both by e-mail and by post.

The original version can be sent by regular mail, the point for us is to receive the scanned version before the deadline. Please note that incomplete or delayed applications cannot be processed.

A letter of acceptance will be sent to the exchange students after the Selection Committee, in early June.

Course description:

Regular Courses : (see in “Course description (ECTS)”)

Courses taught in English:

French Language Courses

An intensive French course (called Summer School) is offered from: August, 22nd till September, 13rd , 2013, before the term starts on September, 16th.

Cost per 4 weeks (90 hours) was in 2012:

- Accommodation, catering and social program: 426€

- Intensive French course: 405€

Please note this course is free for the students staying the whole academic year (September-june)!

More info on:

Language Requirements:

Level B1 (according to the CECR) strongly recommended, but not mandatory.


INSA provides accommodation for every student, unless they wish to live outside of the campus.

We have a group of 11 residences on the campus.

More info on:

Marta Gutierrez
Direction des Relations Internationales
Pôle Mobilité Entrante
Mail :

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