sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016

Applications for Student Exchange open until 15 November to Aveiro/PT

Nominations: The UNIVERSITY OF AVEIRO (UA) is currently receiving nominations for next semester for student exchanges. The university would ask the Brazilian Universitys to please inform them, as soon as possible, taking into account the application student deadline until 15 November, about the students they wish to nominate for the UNIVERSITY OF AVEIRO, by sending an email to providing them with the following details: 
  • Name of Student 
  • E-mail contact of Student 
  • ID Card Number of Student 
  • ISCED Code of Student's Study Area 

Student Applications: UA would like to tell you that they are inviting nominated students to submit their applications online. The online application form includes a section where the students can upload their application documentation (Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records and ID card). Please find additional information and links in our FACT SHEET on our website

Choice of course units: UA take this opportunity to bring your special attention to our new Exchange Packages, which are course units taught in English from our Licenciatura and Master Degree Programmes. Students who do not take course units from our Exchange Packages have a wide range other choices in English and in Portuguese. Please consult our website for further details of our offerings ( 

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